which biomass power station boiler is best?

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Three types of Sitong rice husk straw biomass power station boilers are biomass power plant boiler (chain grate),biomass power plant boiler (corner tube chain grate), biomass power plant boiler (CFB-circulating fluid bed boiler), fully meet the needs of heating and power generation in different industry.


With the growing demand for energy, sources of fossil fuel as the main energy is decreasing rapidly. Therefore, peopel looks for a renewable alternative energy resources. Biomass energy is ideal, renewable. There are a large number of industrial, agricultural and forest waste every year. In the current, biomass energy consumption accounts for 14% of the world's total energy consumption. It is the fourth largest, after oil, coal and natural gas.  

Biomass energy is clean and renewable. CO2 emissions are close to zero. Biomass fuel plays an important role in protecting the environment, improve the ecological and farmers' living standard. In recent years, the biomass boilers rapidly develop in China.


Biomass power plant boiler (CFB-circulating fluid bed boiler)

Avoid the ash accumulation and slagging during the biomass combustion and heat transfering, a long-term and stable operation. gas emissions meet the relevant national regulation standard, low ash carbon content, realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash.

Biomass power plant boiler (chain grate)

Mechanical ventilation with drum induced draft fan, spiral slag extractor, complete controling and monitoring instruments, operates safely and reliably. the discharged ash and slag can be used directly as manure. This boiler is a highl efficient, energy-saving, environmental friendly.

Biomass power plant boiler (corner tube chain grate)

Boiler body uses corner pipe, bearing self structure, simple and reliable support structure, solved the expansion of the boiler. The fuel is sprayed into the furnace,“layer combustion + suspension combustion”, high combustion efficiency.

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