Bangladesh Knit Garments Factory used electric steam boiler

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The Bangladesh customer consulted Sitong electrical steam boiler in December 2015. After communicated with our manager, he visited our factory and signed the contract in two weeks.

The user comments: very easy to control and high efficient

Why he favor Sitong electric steam boiler?

Electric steam boiler makes the electrical control cabinet separate from boiler body to avoid affecting the boiler's working life when the electrical elements become ageing. The electrical heated tube can be used for about 20000 hours. Its thermal efficiency could almost be 99% and will not release NOx to the air, it is environmental. The control system is PLC, with LCD screen, auto indicators, Chinese and english disply, etc.


1.All the electrical elements have the CE and CCC certification to make sure the boiler safety and long live.

2. Each group electrical heating elements focus on type of flange connection to make the structure simple, safe and easy to repair.

3. With large steam space and good quality steam.

4. Electrical control cabinet separated from boiler body can make heat emission easily and many sets of parallel.

5. PLC control system control and disply make the operation simple and safe. People can control water temperature. Screen can show equipment operation parameters and produce alarm in the fault.

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