Indian Mall:hot water boiler-save energy 5%-12%

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Item:oil and gas fired hot water boiler

The India shopping center covers an area of 10,000 square meters with a total area of 100,000 square meters.It contains catering, entertainment, bathing, shopping, social function, city leisure hotel, 8-layer education training building, large parking lot, indoor shopping mall, subway shops and other functions, is an super scale, unique, full of popularity.

High quality, safe and reliable boliers are required for heating and anitary water for such a large shopping mall. After comparing, they choose to work with us. The store’s official said they choose Sitong oil and gas hot water boiler because it burn gas without pollution, has high the thermal efficiency while reducing expenditures.

Advantages of Sitong oil and gas fired hot water boiler.

1.Proprietary technology of Sitong brand

Using the butt weld wet back type structure, reversal chamber and edge of back tube butt joint, 100% butt welding of the boiler, lowest stress and reliable quality.

2.Large diameter ripple furnace

Combusion chamber is made up of total ripple furnace, big burning space, complete fuel conbusion,effectively absorb the thermal expansion, the radiation heating surface is big.

3.The automatic control level lead.

Boiler controller adopts Siemens/delixi electric components, reliable performance.

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