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Steam boiler is indispensable equipment for food produce, chemical industry, printing and dyeing production lines. Boiler thermal efficiency and steam quality directly impact on the output and costs. Safe and efficient condensing gas fired steam boiler can reduce the cost of production radically. Then, how to improve the steam quality? Sitong as a boiler manufacturer shares this knowledge.

Steam quality refers to the cleanliness of steam, usually represented by the total amount of impurities contained in per unit mass of steam. steam contains various salts, alkali, oxides and other impurities. Most is salt.Too much impurities cause superheater, turbine flow section and steam pipe salt deposits and other issues.

According to the above analysis, we must strictly control the salt content of boiler water, while paying attention to control the dissolved salt and water in steam to get the clean steam. In order to reduce water within saturated steam, we should establish good steam-water separating condition and use the separator device. In order to reduce the dissolved salt within the steam, the boiler water alkalinity should be appropriately controlled and adopt steam cleaning equipment. we can improve the supplied water quality,sewage the boiler and segmented steam to reduce the salt content.


(1) strictly in accordance with the operating rules of water treatment, supply qualified demineralized water, reduce impurities in the feed water, reduce the salt content of boiler water thus reduce the salt content of steam to ensure good water quality.

(2) sewage in a reasonable manner.

It contains regular and continuous sewage. Regular sewage can exclude furnace slag and precipitate. Continuous sewage pot can reduce the salt and silicon water. Therefore, boiler attendant should strictly work in accordance with technical standards.

(3) Control boiler water to normal level.

High water level lead to steam with water and deteriorate the quality of steam. Also, avoid sudden changes in the load in order to avoid false water level and super high water level caused serious deterioration in the quality of steam.

(4) Feed qualified water, timely adjust. Because soda boiler supervision indicators are determined according to each boiler thermal chemistry experiment.

(5) Boiler load should be consistent with the relevant provisions. Adjust the load according to the rated boiler evaporation,avoid overload operation, particularly long time overload run.

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