Do your gas boilers save energy

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With the development of modern society, the rise and expansion of various industries, improved living quality, there is growing demand of heat energy. The energy issue has become a topic of concern to all industries. Boiler as the main heat supplying equipment, its energy saving effect not only affects resource consumption, but also user’s economic benefit.

Gas-fired boiler use natural gas as fuel. The emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and dust is little. This releases the harm caused by haze. In China, the state carries out policy-"change coal fuel to gas fuel" and boiler manufacturers promote energy-saving gas boiler. Then, how to know whether gas fired boilers save energy?

Engineer of Sitong boiler suggest you judge whether your boiler is energy-efficient from the following two points:

1. Whether fuel burn completely

For energy-efficient gas boiler, the fuel combustion in the furnace is sufficiently high combustion efficiency. Other parameters in the same situation, the same amount of water is heated to a certain temperature, the amount of fuel used by the high combustion efficiency of the boiler is far below the low efficiency gas boilers, which reduces the cost of purchasing fuel, energy-saving effect is remarkable

2. Whether the discharged smoke temperature is high

For energy-saving gas-fired boiler, the temperature of discharged smoke can not too high. High temperature indicates that the heat do not released to the boiler water. Some heat is discharged into the air. Besides, it will reduce the thermal efficiency and the energy efficiency.

Sitong condensing gas boiler: three pass, corrugated liner, large furnace structure, full combustion, large heating area. The exhaust gas temperature can be 50-80 degrees Celsius, more than 95% boiler efficiency. Our boiler is real energy-saving and environmental friendly.

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