Three secrets of gas boiler life

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Improve the service life of gas fired boiler requires mutual cooperation of its manufacturer and users. Quality, water quality and maintenance are main factors that affect gas boiler’s service life. Either not been done, it will shorten the life of the boiler, add investment costs of users.

1. Select products with famous brand,reliable quality, large factory manufactured.

Do not only compare price. Quality is company’s life, especially for boiler manufacturing industry. It is not only related to manufacturer’s benefits, but also the user’s security and investment expenses.

Sitong has been specializing in producing boilers gas boilers for 25 years, with more than 10 patents; over 50 sets of international advanced equipment. ultrasonic (radiation) detection device. Automatic metal component analysis device and other testing equipment guarantee flawless products.

2. The use of boiler water in strict accordance with the norms.

Water quality plays an important role in the boiler’s service life. We should choose water that meets related requirements. Substandard water will lead to excessive scale attached to the boiler heating surface. That not only reduces the heat-radiating efficiency of the boiler but also shorten the service life of the boiler.

3. maintenance.

Develop a scientific and rational system for maintenance. periodic inspection, regular sewage, regularly cleaning and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the boiler.

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