Burner quality directly effect efficiency of oil and gas fired boiler

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Burner quality directly effect efficiency of oil and gas fired boiler Burner is one of main components of oil and gas fired boiler. It is quality determines whether oil and gas fired boiler can efficiently use the heat of burned fuel, reach rated capacity, operates safely, reliably, economically. Then, how to choose the burner? What are good burner’s features?   

Sitong boiler explain that for you. These main parameter must be possessed by burner to adapt to the burning and ensure safe operation.

1. High combustion efficiency

Oil burner atomizes fuel oil well to some extent. Oil droplets are fine and evenly. Proper atomizing angle, oil evenly distributed around,in order to increase the contact area of oil mist and area

Gas burners at rated gas pressure completely burn the rated amount of gas to meet the boiler rated heat load production.

2. Distribute air reasonably , guarantee the stability of fuel combustion completely

supply the air from the bottom of torch, ensure it quickly evenly mixed with the oil mist to  completely burn. The harmful substances (CO, NOX, etc.) in flue gas are less.

The flow air form a proper recirculation zone. the fuel and air stay at a higher temperature field,  ensure rapid ignition, stable combustion.

3. The flames fit the hearth structure

Good flame fullness. Both flame temperature and darkness in accordance with the hearth. The flame should not scour hearth wall、hearth bottom or reach convection heating surface.

4. Large adjustable range, meet the need of adjusting the boiler load

The burner work stably under the lowest to highest boiler load without temper or blow-off.

5. Less energy required for combustion atomization

6. Small resistance of the air mechanism

7. Easy to ignite、fire、regulate,safe, reliable, low noise

8. Simple and compact structure,light body, reliable operation, easy to adjust and repair, easy to automatic control of the combustion process.

Sitong oil and gas fired boilers with scientific design, superior burner, operates economically efficiently.

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