Combustion Adjustment Methods of Oil Gas- Fired Boiler

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We can adjust the load after ignite the flue and oil gas fired boiler successfully and it operates normally. Meanwhile, observe the furnace combustion conditions frequently. If oil and gas atomization is bad, flames beat, flame hit the furnace or flue-gas temperature is too high or too low, we should adjust the oil pressure, oil temperature, steam, air, air pressure, steam pressure line timely, to ensure the boiler operates safely and economically.

The size of oil pressure, air pressure is related to the boiler load. Adjusting the burner pressure or the oil return amount to adjust the oil pressure. Adjusting the opening of the valve to regulate the gas pressure.

When adjust the load, the oil amount, air volume and pressure must be adjusted at the same time, to ensure the reasonable match of the oil and air volume and achieve the purpose of economic operation of the boiler.

several methods to judge the combusti
on condition of fuel oil and gas boiler

1) judge from the flame color and discharged smoke color

2) judge from the flame length

3) judge from the CO₂ content in flue gas and excess air coefficient

Combustion Adjustment Methods of Fuel Oil Boiler

It burns normal when the flame in the combustion chamber is stable, white orange color, have rumbling sound. If the flame beats or have abnormal sound, the oil and air quantity should be adjusted timely.

If it is still abnormal after adjustment , the machine should be shut down and adjust before ignition again.

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