emergency shutdown oil gas fired boiler

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Boiler is shutdown  under normal or emergency situations. Under the following seven situations, the oil and gas fired burner must immediately shut down, otherwise the equipment will be abnormal and cause economic loss.

(1) When the water level is below the its minimum point, gauge water level, failed to see the water level.

(2) When increase feeding water, the water level keep dropping

(3)The system for feeding water does not work, can not feed water to the boiler

(4) Water level gauge and safety valve do not work, and the boiler can not operate safely

(5) When the drain valve does not work and the control valve closed lax.

(6)When the compression surface or water tube, smoke tube bulge or rupture, or the furnace wall, the former arch collapse down.

(7)In case of safety valve does not work, pressure gauge displays the boiler runs overpressure.

Boiler emergency shutdown procedure:

immediately stop adding fuel and air supply. weaken the wind, try to extinguish fire in the furnace. Stop the burner of oil and gas fired boiler. After put out the fire, open the furnace door, ash door and flue damper to enhance ventilation and cooling. close the main steam valve, open the air valve, safety valve and superheater steam traps to exhaust and decrease the pressure. Replace boiler water through sewage and feed water. water can be discharged cooled to about 70 ℃ . when the boiler is emergency stopped because of water shortage, it is prohibited to feed water. The air valve, safety valve should not open to decrease the pressure in case bigger accidents caused by abrupt temperature and pressure changes.

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