Thailand Customer Visit Sitong Boiler for Inspection

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Inspection on DZH Biomass Boiler

Thailand customer visit Sitong Boiler for boiler inspection. The boiler model is DZH 1-1.25-T, it is steam boiler, the steam capacity is 1.25Mpa, which could offer the temperature about 194℃, the fuel used for the boiler is wood. The combustion equipment is moving grate, the long wood fuel less than 2m could burn without broken.

The Thailand customer inspect the wood boiler and the reference technical drawing carefully, to ensure there is no error. Moreover, the customer check the quality of boiler, especially the combustion equipment, chamber, fire tubes, valves, and some auxiliary equipment (economizer, dust catcher, etc.). The inspection takes about 4 hours, and after checking, the customer is very satisfied with the wood boiler, and hope to bring it on stream soon.

Why Choose DZH Biomass Boiler

Actually, 1 ton biomass boiler could be DZH series boiler, DZL series boiler, and LSH series boiler, but why we suggest customer to use the DZH series boiler? Because of the characteristics of wood fuel, based on customers description, the wood chips have different length, DZL boiler could only burn fuel with the diameter 6~25mm, while DZH boiler could burn fuel less than 2m, it is more convenient to use DZH boiler when using wood as fuel. However, if not consider the fuel characteristics, the other two series boiler also could be considered, as they also have many advantages.

Advantages of Different 1 ton Biomass Boilers

DZH Series Biomass Boiler

1. According to fuel characteristics, could using artificial feeding or mechanical feeding way.
2. Long wood log less than 2m could burn without broken.
3. Do not require feeding uniformly.

DZL Series Biomass Boiler

1. Could achieve the simulation speed combustion, won’t explosion.
2. Adopts scale chain grate to achieve mechanized feed, could feed uniformly, combustion stability, easy to control, and easy to cleaning.
3. High automatic degree, save labor cost.

LSH Series Biomass Boiler

1. The boiler is vertical type, cover a small area.
2. Could burn some sticky fuel, such as cloth and bags. The dust could be removed naturally, the boiler could operate without induced draft, save energy.

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