8ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Installed in Dubai

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Steam Capacity: 8t/h
Rated Pressure: 1.6Mpa
Fuel: coal
Themal Efficiency: 83.5%
Application: brick kiln
Country: UAE
On 2th Sept., 8t/h coal fired steam boiler is finish installed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is single drum boiler with chain grate, and used for brick drying in brick kiln. The customer has an old boiler, but it often burnout because of the long time operation, which leads to production loss. The customer decide to change the old boiler, and plan to buy a new one with larger steam capacity.

Actually speaking, 8ton coal fired boiler could be DZL series boiler and SZL series boiler, and both of them could offer the high quality steam, but how to choose the most suitable one? Our engineer shows the different characteristics to the customer for reference.

1.DZL series boiler is cheaper than SZL series boiler. As SZL boiler has a rather complicated structure, the cost on SZL is higher than DZL boiler.
2.DZL boiler is compact structure, so it is easier for transportation, has low Boiler room construction charges, and easy for maintenance. 3.SZL boiler is water tube boiler, it has higher requirement on water quality, so water has to be soften before using.
4.However, SZL boiler also have many advantages, usually it is suitable for bigger capacity boiler, it has good water circulation, higher thermal efficiency, also, warm up faster, and higher steam quality.

Generally, we recommend customers to choose DZL series boiler if they need steam capacity lower than 10ton. But if customers don’t consider the cost, and would like to use boiler with high thermal efficiency and high steam quality, SZL boiler is a prefect choice. With deliberate consideration, the customer choose DZL boiler finally.

The coal fired steam boiler is usually used with autoclave in brick kiln, the autoclave is used for curing the bricks or aerated concrete. As the customer already have the autoclave, which is run normal. He said if the new coal boiler will operate smoothly, they will consider to buy a now autoclave from our company.

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