6t Water Tube Boiler used for Brick Kiln

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6t/h Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Vietnam

Boiler Model: SZL
Rated Capacity: 6t/h
Fuel: coal
Application: Brick Kiln
Country: Vietnam

6t/h SZL series coal fired water tube boiler is used for brick kiln. The boiler is horizontal type with double drum, and it is consisted of upper part (boiler heating part) and lower part (combustion equipment). the combustion equipment is chain grate, which has the advantages of high automatic degree, low coal leakage, energy saving, and convenient for maintenance. The boiler is equipped with economizer and dust catcher. The economizer could decrease the temperature of the exhaust gas, increase the boiler thermal efficiency, and save energy. The dust catcher could decrease the dust emission concentration, protect the environment.

The boiler is used for brick kiln, except steam boiler, autoclave is also could be used for the industry, which is used for maintenance and steaming of lime-sand brick, fly-ash brick, new light wall material, concrete tubular pile and other building products. Autoclave is a horizontal cylinder device, when curing the aerated concrete, there is hydrothermal reaction (CaO-SiO2-H2O) happened in autoclave. It has the advantages of wide applicability, good treat efficiency, large capacity, reasonable layout, and safety operation, etc. Sitong Boiler could design and manufacture various forms of autoclave according to customers’ requirements.

Other Boiler Used for Brick Kiln

DZL single drum boiler

Capacity: 2~20t/h
Fuel: coal/biomass
Characteristics: chain grate, strong adaptability of different fuel, anti-coking

WNS fire tube boiler

Capacity: 0.5t/h~25t/h
Fuel: oil/gas
Characteristics: full automatic, safe operation, high thermal efficiency (98%), low NOx emission

SZS water tube boiler

Capacity: 6t/h~50t/h
Characteristics: large steam output, high operation, membrane wall, low heat loss

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