Bangladesh Customer Visit Sitong Boiler for Hot Oil Boiler

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hot oil boiler used for plastic processing industry

Model: YLW-3500MA
Capacity: 3000000kcal/h (5t/h)
Fuel: wood chips
Application: plastic pulverize processing 

Bangladesh customer visit Sitong Boiler for a hot oil boiler, and use it for plastic processing factory. He is very concern about the production period, date of delivery, grate quality and feeding mood. 
Production period and delivery date for hot oil boiler
Sitong Boiler is a powerful boiler manufacturer, has about 40 years experience on industrial boilers. Our company could deliver the boiler within 25 days, including production period.
Grate Quality of YLW Hot Oil Boiler
The combustion equipment of YLW series hot oil boiler is chain grate boiler, the grate could use small scale flaker, new metallurgy formulate make the grate withstand high temperature more than 1600℃, make sure running without stop even when repair. Based on customers’ specific requirement and different fuel types, the grate could be designed as chain grate and fixed grate.
Feeding Mode of YLW Hot Oil Boiler
The feeding mode of YLW series hot oil boiler is automatic loading, which can save much manual power.
Characteristics of Sitong Hot Oil Boiler
1.YLW hot oil boiler is an safe and energy saving boiler with working characteristics of low pressure (1.0 MPa) and high temperature (350℃)
2.Sitong boiler can adopt low quality thermic oil.
3.The spiral diameter can be customized as per your request.
4.The furnace structure can be designed based on different fuels, strong adaptability of different fuels.
5.The grate could be designed as fixed and moving, based on the fuel properties.
6.Complete operating control and safety monitoring devices, ensure safe and reliable operation
7.Large diameter combustion chamber, combustion sufficient and improve thermal efficiency.
8.Adopts advanced coil design and three pass structure, operate reliable.
Saving energy and reducing consumption, compared with the steam boiler it can save energy 1 to 1.5 times.

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