Henan Province Emergency Management Department Visit Sitong Boiler

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In August, Henan Province Emergency Management Department visit Sitong Boiler for supervising the safety production, the participants including the Party Secretary and the department director, vice may of Zhoukou city, and county clerk, etc.

National Day is approaching, in order to greet the 70th anniversary, Sitong Boiler actively carried out the potential risk identification activities, the theme is “risk prevention, get ride of hidden danger, and ensure security ”. The president of Sitong Boiler communicate with the participating leaders on the company’s security system, including manufacturing equipment, safety production, and boiler products safety operation.

Sitong Boiler always adhere to “safety production firstly, boiler quality secondly, and profit thirdly”, Sitong Boiler has built the safety training system, safety responsibility system, and Dual prevention mechanism, to ensure safe during production.

Otherwise, the company has a strict quality assurance system, which consists of organic of each stage and each link, quality management, quality control and product quality. Among 25 control program, Implement quality assurance engineer under the leadership of general manager of —— the professional responsibility of engineers —— three-level responsibility system of professional and technical personnel for various functional departments, coordinate with each other to realize reasonable operation.

Sitong Boiler insist the general requirements of culture lead, training first, risk pre-control, inspection completely, fulfill duty, and continuous improvement, stimulate the safety consciousness of each production subject, push forward the safety production pass, and keep the company’s security situation.

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