4ton Diesel Condensing Boiler

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3sets diesel fired condensing boiler are finished installed, the boiler capacity is 4ton. Diesel fired condensing boiler is new type boiler of Sitong Boiler Company, compare with the traditional WNS series fired steam boiler, condensing boiler has the advantages of high thermal efficiency (>98%), and low NOx emission.

Diesel fired condensing boiler is equipped with condenser, one kind of economizer, to increase the heat utilization ratio, and increase the boiler efficiency increase higher than 98%. otherwise, the boiler is equipped with low NOx emission burner, which could decrease the NOx emission lower than 30mg/m3, to protect the environment.

Condenser Principle of Diesel Fired Condensing Boiler

Diesel fuel contains a lot of hydrogen, it will produce a large amount of water vapor after burning. 1.71 water vapor can be produced after burning of per 1Nm3 natural gas, latent heat of vaporization about 4000kj, occupy low calorific value of natural gas about 10%. when the exhaust gas temperature is higher, water vapor condense and release heat, discharge follow the exhaust gas, heater waste. At the same time, high temperature flue gas also take a lot of sensible heat, big loss of smoke exhaust. Installed with condenser, taking advantaging of the low temperature of boiler feeding water or hot media water cooling exhaust gas. To achieve the reduction of flue gas temperature, water vapor in exhaust gas condense, to achieve sensible heat in exhaust gas and water vapor condensation latent heat released. At the same time, low temperature feed water in exchanger or hot media water heat absorbing and heat. To achieve heat recovery, improve the boiler efficiency.

Diesel Condensing Boiler Projects

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