Bengal Customer Visit Sitong Boiler for DZL Series Boiler

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On 1ST August, customer from Bengal came to visit Sitong Boiler factory, he would like to purchase a coal fired boiler for his printing and dyeing factory. What he concern is the coal consumption and size of the boiler house. He wants to buy a small size boiler with a high thermal efficiency, and at the same time, the fuel consumption is small. We advised him the DZL series coal fired boiler, which has the following characteristics.

1. It uses arched tube plate and thread smokestacks constituted into the drum, reduces the stress.The fire tube inside of tube plate is single return instead of two-return, solves the problem of tube plate cracking.
2. The ascension pipes arranged at the bottom of drum,this make the sludge not easy to deposit,prevent the drum bottom swelling.
3. It adopts efficient heat transfer threaded pipe, strengthened heat transfer,then heating-up and pressure boost -up quickly,thus increasing the thermal efficiency.
4. Compact structure, saving the boiler foundation cost.
5. Stable running,easy to adjust,strong steam output.
6. The smoke tube is not easy for ash deposition, due to the smoke can be disturbed and cleaned by itself.
7. Both wing wall and outlet widow inside of the furnace have the function of dust suppression, thus ensuring the soot discharge scratch the index stipulated by the State Environmental Protection.

In order to meet the customer’s need, we advised him to add an economizer, which can save 25% coal consumption, moreover, bend tubes are installed between dust collector and chimney to decrease the volume of the boiler. 
After visiting, the customer is very satisfied with the design of DZL coal fired boiler, and the more specific details are discussing.

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