The development speed and scale of the chemical industry have a direct impact on various sectors of the social economy. Nearly every industry—agriculture, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, consumer and retail—relies on chemicals to produce. The chemical industry is characterized both by its diversity as well as by a high degree of energy intensity. The chemical industry is a major polluter due to its various categories, complex processes and diverse products, as well as the variety, quantity and toxicity of pollutants discharged in production. Sitong Boiler pays attention to the high-tech boilers for chemical industry, produce thermal energy by taking uses of the wastes, or increase the boiler thermal efficiency and reduce the power consumption. Sitong Boiler has offered hundreds boilers to different type chemical industries, we could design the boilers based on specific requirement.

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Boiler Used in Chemical Industry

Steam boiler and thermal oil heater are usually used for rolling, polymerization, banburying,sulfuration, and distillation, etc. Petrochemical plant produces chemical products with petroleum and natural gas. The thermal energy utilization has three characteristics, firstly, large quantities of steam with different qualities are required as thermal resource or raw materials for production. Secondly, a large amount of driving power is needed to compress the gas and pump the fluid. Thirdly, there is a large amount of production process heat available for recovery heating water and steam.

Suitable Boiler Model for Chemical Industry

Boiler Model: WNS5-1.0-Y

Rated Pressure: 1.0MPa

Fuel: Heavy oil

5t/h Oil Boiler for Jordan EPS Industry

5t/h gas boiler is exported to Jordan, the boiler is used for EPS industry. Currently, environmental issue is the most tough topic for EPS industry all over the wold. Government request EPS industry have to make the environmental renovation on boiler and environmental equipment, etc. Based on government and customers’ requirement, our engineer redesign the boiler.

25t Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Pakistan Chemical Industry

25t coal fired steam boiler is shipped to Pakistan, the boiler model is SZL, it is water tube boiler with chain grate, has higher thermal efficiency and high automatic degree than other types coal boiler.

Boiler Model: SZL25-1.6- AII

Rated Pressure: 1.6Mpa

Fuel: Coal

Boiler Model: WNS20-1.25-Y.Q.

Design Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Oil gas

20 t/h Oil Gas Water Tube Boiler for Pakistan

20t/h oil gas water tube steam boiler is shipped to Pakistan and used for chemical industry, the boiler adopts membrane water wall, which could decrease the heat loss, and the thermal efficiency could reach to 97%.


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