steam generator or hot water boiler for Hospital,Industrial mining enterprises?

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The hot water or steam produced by boiler/generator can directly used for industry and civil living.They can be transfered to mechanical energy by steam power equipment,also electricity power by the alternator.The boiler is indispensable heating device.

Large quantity of steam is required for industry process, such as printing and dyeing, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.For comfortable,energy-saving heating, hot water is also required.Hospital as special place needs not only steam generator to kill germs, but also hot water boiler to supply heat and water for life.

Therefore, these users need both steam and hot water.Which one to choose,hot water boiler or steam generator? This is a complex question. Sitong boiler help you analysis.

Scenario 1. Industrial and mining enterprises need large quantity of steam but rather little hot water. You can choose steam generator matched with surface type heat exchanger to produce hot water.

Scenario 2. If large quantity of hot water but litttle steam is needed.The pressure is high. We suggest set a small size steam generator beside the hot water boiler.

Scenario 3. When small quantity of both hot water and steam is needed, we suggest steam and hot water amphibious boiler.

Scenario 4. When large quantity of both hot water and steam is needed, we should analysis the system.

Any queations of oil (gas) fuel boilers, please contact us, our manager will provide professional advice.

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