Overview of CWNS boiler

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CWNS hot water boiler

residential boiler, bath boiler, heating boiler, oil gas boiler

Sitong residential boiler,bath boiler, heating boiler, small size oil gas boiler with advanced technique is leader of domestic boilers.The residential boiler,bath boiler, heating boiler, small size coal gas boiler integrated the mechanical and electrical structure.It has characters of generous appearance,compact structure,less space occupied,convenient transportation, little infrastructure investment,energy conservation and environmental protection while supply sufficient heat. The boiler combustion is clean,no emission pollution, convenient operation,enough output.


residential boiler,bath boiler, heating boiler, small size coal gas boiler,this boiler is full combustion, emission advantages of no pollution, convenient operation, easy installation, etc.This boiler with high thermal efficiency, big output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe running, is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution,environmental-protection product.


residential boiler,bath boiler, heating boiler, small size coal gas boiler is widely used for bath and heating.


1 this type of boiler adopts the international popular three return structure, combustion chamber designed with large volume makes the combustion more sufficient.

2 advanced wave type furnace structure increase the heat transfer area already, also meet the free expansion after furnace is heated.

3 smoke tube adopts screw structure to strengthen the heat transfer effect.

4 boiler adopting the wet back structure, all pull side butt weld, high reliability, low maintenance cost.

5 overpressure, water lackage, leak detection, remove from heat and various protective functions, safe and reliabile operation.

6 integrated the front and the back smoke box. Bi-parting smoke box door. It is beautiful, generous, easy to open and maintainence.

7 a new two-stage spiral fin chip atmospheric pressure economizer, increase the heating area, reduce the volume of economizer, make its compact structure.

8 two levels of economizer ontology atmospheric tandem, decrease water corrosion, prolong service life, lower power consumption. It is convenient to replace the economizer after damage.

9 the model of boiler has high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong adaptability to load.

10 using fast loading structure, and can shorten installation period.

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