4 ton Oil Boiler Used for Corrugated Paper Processing

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4t oil fired steam boiler is finish installed in Egypt. The boiler is used in paper processing industry for drying and corrugated paper processing. The boiler is WNS series oil fired steam boiler, which is a very popular model for industrial production, and the boiler is equipped with essential auxiliaries to ensure the boiler could operate sufficiently and smoothly.

The burner of the boiler is oil fired burner, the brand could chose by customers. It is equipped with complete gas manifolds and protection system, to ensure the burner safe operation. The burner could burn light oil, heavy oil, diesel, furnace oil, bunker oil, or other similar liquid fuels. Generally, the nozzle is better to replaced frequently (every year), because of different problems of erosion or blockage. The boiler could also equipped with gas burner and duel fuel (oil & gas) burner, but the burner configuration is different, and the cost of burner is disparity.

As the boiler is used for different sections (drying and corrugated paper processing), so it is equipped with steam header, which is an equipment to receive from one or more boilers, and holds it under pressure, and then downstream equipment receives the stored steam based on demand. The capacity of steam header is determined by user configurable dimensions. Pressure difference is used as the driving force to transfer steam from the boilers into the header, or from header to header, and from the header to downstream equipment.

Otherwise, the boiler is also equipped with water treatment equipment. As the boiler is wet back structure, it has a little higher requirement on water quality. If water quality does not meet the requirements, it will bring water limescale caused by deposited sand and mud at drum and header lower part. It destroys the water circulation, causes the tube overheated, deformation, pipe breaking and even boiler cracks.

Sitong oil boiler is automatic operated with high efficiency, and the boiler is equipped with different auxiliary equipment based on the actual requirement. Also, there are different kinds of oil boiler for selection to maximum customer benefit.

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