Textile Industry plays an important role in the global economy, especial in some Asia Countries, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Textile industry is a kind of high pollution industry, the pollution comes from printing and dying, large amount of waste, sewage discharge, fuel consumption, and electric power consumption, etc. Sitong Boiler pays attention to the high-tech boilers for textile industries, to increase boiler efficiency, decrease fuel and electric power consumption, the thermal efficiency could arrive 98%, and the NOx emission could lower than 30mg/m3, the exhaust smoke temperature could be 50℃. Sitong Boiler has offered hundreds boilers to different type textile industries, we could design the boilers based on specific requirement.

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Boiler Application in Textile Mill

Steam boiler and thermal oil boiler are usually used in textile industry, they take part in the processes of dying, drying, washing, printing, heating, etc. Sitong Boiler will offer the proper recommendation of boiler model based on the required temperature, fuel, and industrial process. As most textile industry is large, which has a large fuel consumption, so the environmental friendly boiler is the optimal choice for textile manufacturer, such as oil gas boiler and electric boiler. Sitong Boiler could offer high thermal efficiency boiler, which could improve the quality of textile product, increase production efficiency, and decrease labor cost and operation cost.

Suitable Boiler Model for Textile Mill

Sitong Boiler Projects in Textile Mill

Boiler Model: WNS4-1.25-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Diesel

4t Condensing Boiler for Textile Mill

3sets diesel fired condensing boiler are finished installed in textile mill, the boiler capacity is 4ton. Diesel fired condensing boiler is new type boiler of Sitong Boiler Company, compare with the traditional WNS series fired steam boiler, condensing boiler has the advantages of high thermal efficiency (>98%), and low NOx emission.

10t WNS Steam Boilers in Bangladesh Textile Mill

The customer is one of the biggest textile mill in Bangladesh, he would like to choose the best boiler for product. After he contrasted with the different products of different boiler companies, he chose Sitong WNS series steam boiler, and our sales manager and installation team went to Bangladesh to install the boiler.

Boiler Model: WNS10-1.6-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.6Mpa

Fuel: LPG

Boiler Model: SZL25-1.25-AII

Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Coal

15t WNS Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler for Bangladesh

Customer from a textile mills came to visit Sitong Boiler factory again, the company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of textile products in Pakistan. Based on customer’s needs, we designed a boiler to satisfy him perfectly, which equipped with German Simens motor, Schneider electrical elements of electric control cabinet, stainless steel impeller, and ID fan and impeller with mute shock device, ABB variable frequency control, Ethernet switch, and Ethernet cable.


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