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6 ton Biomass Boiler Used for Production of a Beverage Factory in The Burkina Faso


As an indispensable heat source equipment in food production lines, steam boilers play a very important role in the sterilization, drying, concentration and other processes of juice production. The quality of steam also has influence on the taste of products. Sitong boiler has provided various steam boiler systems for numerous beverage factories both domestically and internationally with its characteristics of low emissions and high efficiency, and We have also established long-term friendly and trustworthy cooperative relationships with multiple beverage factories. The collaboration with Sitong boiler this time is a juice company located in the Burkina Faso. The company is one of the main producers and suppliers of concentrated fruit juice in the local area, and keeps business contacts with several well-known food and beverage companies around the world. Its export volume also ranks among the top in the same industry in the country. The company always has clear and strict requirements for the quality and performance of boiler. Recently, in order to meet the needs of the company's expansion of a 30 ton concentrated juice production line project, Sitong boiler provide a SZW series biomass fired steam boiler with steam output of 6 tons after knowing the specific needs of the customer.
This two drums water tube boiler from Sitong boiler is characterized by low ash accumulation, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness. It does not require shutdown for ash cleaning while allow the boiler to operate normally for a long time. At the same time, Sitong boiler's technicians also optimized and adjusted the boiler feed hopper, furnace arch, and air distribution, effectively controlling the coking problem caused by fuel combustion considering the combustion characteristics of the biomass fuel chosen by the customer. In addition, the boiler also adopts a tilted reciprocating grate with a wider range of fuel applications, which can ensure the full combustion of the biomass fuel selected by customers, improve the fuel utilization rate of the boiler, and save some fuel costs. At present, the boiler has been shipped, we will dispatch professional engineers to guide the installation and system debugging on site as soon as it is arrived to ensure the stable running of the boiler after it is put into use on the customer's juice production line.




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