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2 ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for Production of Sodium Silicate in Pakistan


Steam boilers are important power equipment in the chemical industry, whose task is to supply qualified and stable steam to meet production needs. A chemical plant in Pakistan is a professional enterprise engaged in sodium silicate production. In the production process of sodium silicate, a large amount of steam support is required for processes such as immersion and concentration. Therefore, the performance advantages of steam boilers have a direct impact on the production of the enterprise. Meanwhile, with the continuous deepening of local environmental protection policies and in response to the government's call, the company planned to introduce a low nitrogen gas boiler in the second half of 2023. The sales team of Sitong boiler designed a 2-ton WNS series oil gas fired boiler for the customer after getting the actual needs of customers. This boiler is widely trusted and promoted in the chemical industry due to its high-quality steam, excellent performance, and reliable operation.
This series of boiler has a wide range of fuel adaptability and can be suitable for various fuels such as natural gas, biogas, light oil, diesel, etc. It adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace liner combined with a low nitrogen combustion engine to fully burn the fuel and easily achieve low NOx emissions. It is worth mentioning that Sitong boiler equipped various energy-saving equipment such as energy-saving device and a condenser at the tail of its flue for effectively reducing the operating costs of the enterprise. Sitong boiler's engineers are always responsive and strive to meet the needs of customers as much as possible during the boiler design process. In the future, we will continue to provide the customer with the necessary technical support and guidance to ensure the stable running of their boiler in the production. The customer deeply appreciates Sitong boiler's professional service and responsiveness. This not only enhances the cooperative relationship between both parties, but also provides a good reference for other potential customers. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:
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