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700kw Diesel Fired Thermal Oil Heater for Rubber Additives Production in UAE


In recent years, the rapid development of the rubber industry has stimulated the demand for rubber additives. In the production process of rubber additives, industrial boilers play an important role in ensuring heat sources. A company in the United Arab Emirates was established in 1985, mainly producing new green and environmentally friendly additives in the industry, such as rubber vulcanization accelerators, rubber anti coking agents, and processing rubber additives. It is designated as supporting products by well-known tire companies such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, and so on, which has a good market and prospects. In the production process of rubber additives, a large amount of steam is required, which poses high requirements for the output capacity and steam quality of industrial boilers. For rubber additive enterprises, it is particularly important to improve the heat utilization rate of thermal oil furnaces, which not only affects the stability of product quality, but also has a certain impact on the economic benefits of the enterprise.
After conducting multiple investigations and researches, the company turned its attention to the well-known Chinese industrial boiler manufacturing brand- Sitong boiler. Sitong boiler finally successfully become the boiler supplier of the enterprise with its outstanding advantages in boilers performance and production process. In order to meet the high temperature requirements of the production line, Sitong boiler’s technical team  customized a 700kw YYW series diesel fired thermal oil heater for the customer. This YYW series diesel fired thermal oil boiler adopts a forced circulation three return disc tube design, which has the characteristics of strong safety and sufficient heating surface. In addition, it can greatly reduce the loss of heat energy when combined with an energy-saving device added at the tail of the furnace body with a thermal efficiency of over 95%, which can meet the strict temperature requirements of the enterprise's production process. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that Sitong boiler has advanced production technology and an automated CNC coil production line, which can ensure that the coil is formed in one go without the need for shaping, effectively extending the service life of the thermal oil heater and saving customers a lot of operating expenses. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:
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