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10 ton Biomass Boiler Used for Production of a Salt Factory in Thailand


Salt is not only a indispensable nutrient and seasoning in daily life, but also a fundamental raw material in the chemical industry. Salt production generally involves the evaporation of brine in a set of steam boilers that provide steam under different vacuum conditions. Due to the pressure drop difference between the tanks, a gradual decrease in boiling point is formed, resulting in the successive transfer of heat. The entire salt production process is divided into four major processes: brine treatment, transpiration salt production, dehydration and drying, and packaging and storage. The role of steam boilers in the entire salt production process is irreplaceable. Brine treatment is an important process in salt production, which involves multiple steam heating by a steam boiler. Wet salt dehydration and dryness also require steam heating, which vaporizes most of the moisture through contact with hot air to obtain dry salt with a certain moisture content range. A salt factory in Thailand has been steadily developing in the research and sales of edible salt for many years. In the process of expanding production capacity, they hope to use a more efficient and low pollution steam boiler system to save energy costs and also achieve the goal of environmentally friendly production.
Therefore, Sitong boiler's sales manager recommended this DZL series biomass fired steam boiler to the customer. This DZL series biomass boiler is an efficient boiler that can use biomass particles as fuel. As a renewable fuel, biomass particles generate relatively low carbon dioxide emissions during their combustion process, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution and carbon emissions for enterprises, and achieve the goal of environmental protection production. It adopts a single drum longitudinal arrangement and an overall quick installation form before leaving the factory. Sitong boiler has arranged the furnace arch, furnace wall, and furnace heating surface of the DZL series biomass boiler reasonably based on the characteristics and combustion rate of different biomass boiler fuels and through numerical simulation. Additionally, the extended grate has been specially designed for the customer to ensure an overall thermal efficiency of over 88% while effectively preventing coking and slagging, ensuring the normal and stable operation of the boiler. The pictures show the delivery site of this biomass boiler:
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