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4 ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for Production of a Paper Making Enterprise in Ukraine


Industrial boilers have always been the core equipment of production lines in the paper making industry, and high-temperature steam provides a heat source for production processes such as cooking and drying. Therefore, the performance of steam boilers will directly affect the production and quality of paper products in enterprises. Sitong boiler's WNS series oil gas fired steam boiler is a steam heat source equipment for many paper enterprises due to its excellent quality and performance. A paper making enterprise Ukraine mainly produces various types of paper such as writing, printing, offset printing, etc. It currently has two independent production lines with a daily production capacity of up to 200 tons and exports high-quality paper to overseas markets. In order to ensure the supply of heat sources on the paper production line, the enterprise has chosen to introduce the environmentally friendly WNS series double fuels fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler to provide sufficient high-temperature steam based on market demand and the continuous expansion of enterprise production scale .
According to the customer's requirements, they are going to use dual fuels of natural gas and diesel. Sitong boiler has scientifically and reasonably designed the boiler system to match the operating process conditions of the user's production line. The 4-ton WNS series oil gas fired steam boiler adopts a large furnace design, reasonable structure, sufficient steam storage space and heating surface. It has the characteristics of low steam content, sufficient steam output, and high quality. At the same time, the boiler is equipped with advanced low nitrogen burners, which enable more complete combustion of boiler fuel and lower emissions of harmful substances. This not only improves the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also takes into account environmental benefits. In addition, this series of boilers effectively absorbs the waste heat in the flue gas through new condensation technology, increases the inlet temperature of the boiler, and reduces the exhaust temperature, which makes the thermal efficiency up to 98%.
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