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5ton Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for Production of a Feed Mill in Peru


The feed industry is an important component of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. While steam boiler as a common energy equipment are widely used in the production process of the feed industry. Steam boilers mainly convert water into steam by heating it to provide necessary heat energy for feed processing, such as disinfection, drying, sterilization, etc. Therefore, the usage of steam boiler in the feed processing and production can not only improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, but also ensure the quality and safety of feed products. The high-temperature and high-pressure steam provided by the steam boiler can quickly complete various processes in feed processing, which can shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency. On the other hand, steam boilers have higher energy utilization efficiency, which can not only reduce energy consumption, but also reduce environmental pollution. Steam boilers can also improve the technological level of feed production and drive the industry towards more efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe development. This helps to enhance the competitiveness of the entire feed industry and promote its sustainable development.
A private feed mill in Peru mainly engaged in modern agriculture, animal husbandry, and food industry aims to better meet the rapidly growing demand of the feed industry and further expand its overseas business and international influence. The company built a feed project with an annual output of 120000 tons in 2023. In order to meet the high-quality, high temperature, and stable thermal energy requirements of the feed production line, the company purchased a 5-ton WNS series gas fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler. This gas fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler has significant advantages in both design and manufacturing. The boiler is a three passes gas fired boiler with sufficient fuel combustion, combined with energy-saving devices and condensers at the tail of the flue, which ensure that the boiler's thermal efficiency can reach over 98%. In terms of manufacturing, Sitong boiler adopts advanced automation equipment and a rigorous quality management system to ensure that each boiler is a work of exquisite craftsmanship. At present, the boiler has been shipped from Sitong boiler's factory and is expected to arrive at the customer's site soon to complete installation and put into use. So it will provide customers with efficient and stable thermal energy supply very soon, and we expect the feedback from the customers.
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