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2 Sets of Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for PET Bottle Recycling Industry In the Philippines


Indorama Ventures of Thailand signed an Intentional Joint Venture (JV) agreement with Coca Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. on March 9, 2020 and established a joint venture called PETValue Philippines Corp. in the Philippines. The newly established joint venture established a green comprehensive recycling plant near Manila, Philippines in the same year and put it into running in 2021. The factory adopts the most advanced recycling process for PET plastic bottles with a production capacity of 30000 tons/year and an annual recoverable PET resin output of 16000 tons. Indorama Ventures and Coca Cola carry out strategic recycling work through this joint venture. It ensure that 100% recyclable waste PET plastic bottles are recycled, processed, and reused in a circular economy leveraging both parties' strengths and resources. PETValue Philippines is set to be the first food grade bottom to bottom PET recycling facility in the country. The project hopes to see increase in waste separation and collection rates along with higher PET recycling rates.
The recycling and utilization of waste PET plastic bottles refers to the use of waste plastic PET mineral water bottle sheets for recycling, cleaning, and granulation. The production equipment undergoes crushing, cleaning, drying, heating plasticization, stretching, cooling, granulation, and processing to produce PET powder to make new PET related products. It is necessary to use high-temperature hot water at 90 ℃ to remove oil stains and label the bottle slices during the cleaning process of PET bottle slices. For the cleaning process, the water temperature should be always maintained at around 90 ℃. Steam boilers have become essential industrial equipment in this industry. It needs steam boiler to continuously input steam to maintain the water temperature. Sitong boiler customized 2 sets of WNS series oil gas fired steam boilers with a capacity of 2 tons/h based on the customer's production line technology. There is sufficient steam storage space and heating surface after optimizing the structure of this series of boilers, which can produce high-quality steam more efficiently and stably. Customers can choose to use diesel/bunker oil/lsfo etc. as boiler fuel based on cost and their own preferences. The boiler adopts a high-efficiency heat transfer component--a threaded smoke pipe,independently developed by Sitong boiler. It can extend the residence time of high-temperature flue gas and enhance heat transfer. At the same time, it is equipped with various condensers and energy-saving devices, which can improve the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler to over 98%.
The picture shows our sales manager Lisa and Coco at the boiler applying site in Mid October and took a group photo with the customers and our boilers. The customer feed back that: Sitong boiler's steam boiler occupies a small area and is easy to install and debug. The boiler is equipped with a fully automatic control system with a high degree of automation and a safety interlock device, which has good safety performance. In summary, the customer is very satisfied with our WNS series oil gas fired steam boilers!
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