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2 ton Movable Grate Biomass Boiler Used for Pineapple Drying in a Food Factory in the Philippines


The combination of food and health is in line with the current goal pursued by people in this era of abundant material life. In addition to various types of nut kernels, dried fruit is also a very popular fashion food in the market nowadays. As we know, dried fruit is a type of food made from fresh fruits. Dried fruits made from steam boilers or steam generators not only have a less sweet and greasy taste, but also have a longer storage time. Dried fruits are more crispy to eat and lighter to carry. It’s also a great choice to add some dried fruits to tea. However, traditional methods such as sun drying and air drying require a relatively long time cycle, and there are certain uncertain factors during the fruit drying processes. It can even lead to mold and spoilage of fruits that have not been sun dried when it’s raining. Moreover, a large amount of manual labor is required to constantly stir the dried fruit during the drying process. And it will also result in uneven color and appearance of the dried fruit. Dried fruits are exposed to air and sunlight will also cause a significant loss of vitamins, and this method cannot meet the needs of large-scale production.
A Myanmar dried pineapple processing enterprise ordered a 2-ton DZH series biomass boiler from Sitong boiler a few days ago for meeting its production line requirements and ensure the high quality of its dried pineapple. Sitong boiler's DZH series biomass fired steam boiler adopts advanced movable grate design, which reduces the installation and maintenance work of the grate. The boiler can run smoothly and has a low failure rate. It adopts a threaded smoke pipe with self-cleaning function to reduce the work of cleaning inside the furnace. The burnt ash can also be used as farmyard fertilizer to recover costs and reduce enterprise investment. During the combustion and heat exchange process, there are no problems of ash accumulation and slagging so that it ensures the long-term safe and stable running of the boiler. The enterprise makes the drying process no longer affected by environmental factors by using this boiler for the production of dried pineapple, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of dried pineapple. In addition, it can also effectively preserve the nutritional components in dried pineapple and preserve its appearance integrity. In summary, the DZH series biomass boiler ordered by the customer has high thermal efficiency and it’s very easy to operate, which can save a lot of human resources and other cost inputs.
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