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2 ton Single Drum Biomass Boiler Used for Production of a Paper Mill in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


A local paper mill in Phnom Penh, Cambodia has been seeking sustainable and efficient energy supply to support its growing production demand. The company ultimately chose Sitong boiler's DZH series biomass boiler as its main energy source after multiple market surveys and strict screening. The 2-ton DZH series biomass boiler designed by Sitong boiler uses an efficient biomass combustion system to convert biomass pellets into high-quality steam energy while reducing environmental pollution. The company utilizes its own raw material advantages and uses wood chips as the main boiler fuel, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly to provide strong support for the company's sustainable development. In addition, Sitong boiler's biomass boiler also has various advanced control technologies, such as intelligent control, safety monitoring, etc., which can ensure safety and reliability in the production process.
Sitong boiler's DZH fast-installed moving grate biomass boiler is a horizontal three passes water fire tube boiler. The boiler adopts a single drum vertical movable grate with a simple structure and durability. The DZH fast installation movable grate biomass boiler does not require uniform feeding but with strong controllability, high applicability and using small boiler area. This type of boiler has been optimized and designed to solve the problem of easy coking, significantly improving thermal efficiency, and saving fuel costs. The fuel for the boiler is a new type of clean biomass fuel that can be directly burned, which is made from agricultural and forestry waste as raw materials through various processes such as crushing, mixing, extrusion, and drying (such as block, strip, particle, etc.), which meets environmental protection requirements. The pictures show the delivery site of the boiler:
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