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12 ton Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Used for Production of a Coconut Products Factory in Indonesia


As an indispensable heat source equipment in the food and beverage industry, steam boilers play an indispensable role in the distillation, extraction, sterilization, drying, concentration, and maturation processes of food and beverage production processes.  Steam boilers mainly serve as high-temperature disinfection and pneumatic power sources especially in beverage production lines. Many supporting equipment, such as blow molding machines, are powered by aerodynamic force. In addition, the finished products undergo high-temperature sterilization and disinfection, which also uses the high-temperature steam provided by the boiler. Choosing the right boiler product with a high degree of automation not only ensures the production time of the equipment, but also saves a certain amount of labor costs and reduces the failure rate of the equipment. A food and beverage company in Indonesia was founded in 1998 and is one of the well-known manufacturers in the world's food and beverage industry. The company mainly produces coconut juice beverages and coconut products, and it is one of the main producers and suppliers of concentrated juice and coconut products worldwide. They have 12 international grade concentrated juice production lines, and their export volume has been in the forefront of the same industry in Indonesia for many years. Recently, in order to meet the needs of expanding the coconut product production line project, the company has decided to introduce a new biomass boiler for production steam and daily heating. And due to the fact that the food and beverage produced by the customer is made of coconut as the raw material, the customer will use coconut shell as the boiler fuel, which can save a certain amount of fuel costs, which is also very environmentally friendly and efficient.
Sitong boiler provides a set of 12 ton SZL series biomass fired chain grain steam boiler  for the company’s coconut product production line with the characteritics of low emissions and high efficiency. This 12 ton SZL series biomass boiler is a double drum vertical chain grate water tube steam boiler. The chain grate undergoes a 72 hour cold test running before leaving the factory to ensure that the boiler can be operated in good condition. At the same time, Sitong boiler has arranged the boiler system reasonably according to the customer's production process, reduced line losses, also equipped advanced and reasonable energy-saving equipment to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the steam boiler system. Sitong boiler designs relevant structures based on different fuel characteristics to ensure efficient, energy-saving, and stable operation of the boiler because of the wide range of fuel applicability. It sloves the problems such as ash deposition, coking, wear, pre burning arch, and material hopper. At present, the boiler has been shipped and arrived at the port, and it will arrive to the customer's factory very soon:
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