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2 ton Coal Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler Used for Milk Powder Production in Mongolia


In the production process of milk powder, multiple processes such as sterilization, concentration, and drying require a large amount of steam. Therefore, the stable operation of the steam boiler has a direct impact on milk powder production. A milk powder brand in Mongolia founded in 1982 is focusing on the research and production of infant and toddler milk powder. It is a complete infant and toddler milk powder enterprise with a complete industrial chain and has won the gold medal at the World Food Quality Evaluation Conference. Sitong boiler reach this cooperation with this customer from numerous competitors due to our outstanding advantages in boiler products and service. The technical team of Sitong boiler has customized a 2-ton DZL2-1.25-AII series coal fired chain grain steam boiler and supporting auxiliary design solutions based on customers' demands for production capacity, raw materials, and investment cost budgets. As an important thermal energy equipment in the production of this enterprise, the stable output of the heat source directly affects the quality of their milk powder.
This 2-ton DZL2-1.25-AII series coal fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler is manufactured using fast packaging way with the features of small size, small footprint, and long service life. It only needs to install a small number of accessories on site for debugging and running, with low installation difficulty and short cycle, which greatly ensures the quality of the boiler body. At the same time, Sitong boiler's DZL series chain grate steam boiler arranges the furnace arch, furnace wall, and furnace heating surface reasonably, and uses our independently developed high-efficiency heat transfer element, threaded smoke pipe, to enhance heat transfer effect so that our boiler thermal efficiency can reach over 82%. This boiler also has a high degree of automation, with mechanized fuel supply, ash discharge, and slag discharge. It requires less manual operation, and its maintenance work is also very simple. It can continuously and stably provide heat to customers' production lines. After the boiler arrives at the customer's factory, Sitong boiler will provide technical guidance for equipment installation, debugging and operation throughout the entire process, ensuring that the customer's boiler equipment can be put into production and use. The following pictures show the delivery of this boiler:
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