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The 10th Boiler Ordered by an Oil Refinery in Madagascar for Oil Tank Cleaning


One of the largest local oil refineries in Madagascar has multiple oil tanks used to store different types of oil products. After the storage tank is used for a period of time, the impurities in the crude oil will be deposited on the tank bottom and the tank wall, which reducing the effective capacity and efficiency of the storage tank. Therefore, oil storage tanks require regular inspection, maintenance, and removal of sludge inside the tanks. However, traditional cleaning methods have many drawbacks, such as wasting resources, environmental pollution, and secondary pollution. Therefore, people are gradually seeking more efficient and safe cleaning solutions. The use of steam from industrial boilers to clean oil tanks is a highly potential cleaning solution that has emerged in this situation.
Steam cleaning of oil tanks refers to the use of high-temperature and high-pressure steam impact, infiltration, and volumetric effects to thoroughly clean out various sediments and foreign objects in the tank under the conditions of insulation and pressure preservation for achievingn the cleaning effect. There are many advantages of steam cleaning oil tanks. Firstly, steam can easily penetrate small holes and corners effectively removing difficult to clean organic stains and chemical residues. Secondly, steam cleaning can kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate odors, and avoid secondary pollution. Finally, steam cleaning can reduce cleaning costs, protect equipment, and improve cleaning efficiency. Therefore, using the steam boilers to clean numerous oil tanks in refineries is gradually being widely used as a new efficient and safe cleaning solution by refineries.
This is the 10th order of the oil refinery from Sitong boiler for its oil tank cleaning work and heating purposes . Some days ago, the refinery placed an order for a 0.5 ton diesel fired steam boiler with Sitong boiler. The technical team of Sitong boiler customized a 0.5 ton WNS series skid-mounted diesel fired steam boiler according to customer requirements. The skid-mounted boiler refers to placing all equipment such as the boiler body, energy-saving device, combustion machine, valve instrument, electric control cabinet, water treatment, energy-saving device circulating pump, raw water booster pump, etc. on one or two skids forming a movable boiler system as a whole. It not only includes all the pipelines, valves, and other components in each skid been installed, but the key connections between the skids have also been pre installed in our factory so that eliminate the installation steps for overseas customers and save a lot of time and cost expenses.
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