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2 Sets of Horizontal Electric Steam Boiler Used for a Food Company in Indonesia


A food company in Indonesia mainly engages in the processing and sales of meat products ordered 2 sets of electric steam boilers from Sitong boiler a few days ago. In the process of food processing, steam boiler plays different roles in different processes. The steaming process utilizes a steam boiler to achieve food cooked processing through high-temperature steam heating. The distillation process uses a steam boiler to separate the water from the food, preserving its original flavor and providing preparation for the next step of processing. The drying process utilizes a steam boiler for drying processing, and achieves disinfection treatment to meet food safety requirements and standards. Therefore, the quality of steam to a certain extent affects the subsequent processing of food and the quality of products. Sitong boiler has rich experience in serving the food industry. Our WDR series fully automatic electric heating steam boilers have the characteristics of energy conservation, emission reduction, high thermal efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and are deeply loved by users in the food industry. This time, Sitong boiler reached the cooperation with this food company in Indonesia on two 2-ton WDR electric heating steam boilers.
The WDR series full-automatic electric heating steam boiler of Sitong boiler is controlled by PLC (Programmable logic controller) . It is novel in design and compact in structure. It realizes the effective conversion of energy and provides high-quality saturated steam through the new arrangement and combination of electric heating elements. In addition, this WDR horizontal electric steam boiler adopts a boiler body and electric control cabinet separation method to avoid the aging of electrical components that may affect the service life of the boiler. The electric heating tube is high-quality with a thermal efficiency of nearly 100%. It can run quietly, cleanly, and pollution-free ,which can meet the environmental standards of all countries and regions. Each group of electric heating elements of the boiler adopts centralized bundle flange connection, which is set independently. It is also characterized by simple structure, high mechanical strength, convenient installation and replacement, and long service life. And the boiler has a large steam space, good steam quality, separate installation of mechanical and electrical components, and electronic control components away from heat sources, which is conducive to heat dissipation. It can be used in parallel with a single or multiple units.
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