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3 ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for a Oil Refinery in the Philippines


A steam boiler is needed to provide thermal energy and appropriate temperature for the reaction to occur for the fact that crude oil will be distilled into different types of oil at different temperature stages. The main production equipments of refineries usually include crude oil distillation (atmospheric and vacuum distillation), thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, catalytic reforming, refinery gas processing, petroleum product refining, etc. Steam boiler is an important equipment often used in the production engineering of light oil refining industry. The steam generated by it is an indispensable heat source and power source in petrochemical production. It is not only used in the petrochemical production process, but also can heat oil and increase its fluidity. Generally, heat is provided in the crude oil vacuum distillation, vacuum distillation, and residue coking deep processing processes in the refining of refined oil. On the other hand, refineries need to use boilers to provide power, such as using steam boilers to generate electricity.
An oil refinery in the Philippines has three diesel production lines with an annual production capacity of 400 thousand tons of diesel. The product supply is in short supply and is exported to the European Union in large quantities. Because of  further expansion of production capacity, the company decided to build a new boiler room in the new factory area as a backup gas fired steam boiler for peak shaving to meet the demand for insufficient heating in continuous production. Sitong boiler has served multiple domestic and foreign oil refinery enterprises and has years of project experience in the industry. Due to the particularity of the use of boilers in chemical enterprises, Sitong boiler's technicians always customize technical solutions to meet the needs of petrochemical production according to users' requirements of safety of boilers, control methods, etc., to ensure the simplicity of operation and the safety of boilers. It shows that WNS series oil gas fired steam boiler has a higher frequency of application in the oil refining industry through statistical analysis of Sitong boiler's customer cases. For these enterprises, they have an advantage in fuel selection with sufficient supply of fuel and gas. Therefore, Sitong boiler provide a 3 ton WNS-2.0-Y.Q steam boiler for the customer in the Philippines to provide direct steam and heat source in their oil refining processes, and we also provide a reasonable and scientific design solution for the entire boiler room. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:
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