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3 ton of Skid-mounted Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Used for a Sugar Processing Factory in Venezuela


In the sugar factory industry, the steam generated by industrial boilers is mainly used for production processes such as power generation, sugar juice concentration, and drying. The economic feasibility of sugar cane factories depends to a large extent on the bagasse as a fuel to generate power and process steam. In addition, other biomass fuels (such as wood and straw) can also be used to reduce the cost of boiler fuel. There are dozens of processes such as sugar melting, filterating, concentration, crystal cultivation, and pulping in the production and manufacturing process of the sugar industry. This process requires a large amount of high-temperature steam, and sugar factories have high requirements for temperature and steam. A company in Venezuela is a sugar deep processing enterprise, specializing in various functional edible sugars such as brown sugar, rock sugar, and sugar free. The company integrates research and development, production, and sales. It is also a leading local agricultural industrialization enterprise there. The customer ordered a 3-ton oil gas fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler to provide heating and gas supply for its fully automated rock sugar production line.
This 3 ton of skid-mounted oil gas fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler adopts a horizontal three pass wet back structure,which can improve the operating environment of the boiler and increase its efficiency and service life. All smoke tubes are placed in water, the tail of the boiler is equipped with the economizer and a complete insulation outsourcing design. The smoke box seal adopts a labyrinth structure to avoid smoke leakage in the smoke box. The boiler has a thermal efficiency of up to 98%, and uses a corrugated furnace with good expansion performance, resulting in high heat transfer efficiency. And this skid-mounted oil gas fired steam boiler adopts a high-performance famous brand burner that is completely matched with the boiler, which performs comprehensive automatic adjustment to ensure full combustion, save fuel, and reduce pollution. It adopts aluminum silicate with high thermal insulation performance, which can reduce heat loss. And it matches with an intelligent energy-saving control system to control the boiler and steam (water supply) system, and adjusts fuel supply according to different loads, which is more energy-saving. It is a boiler product with good process performance.
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