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2 Sets of 3 ton Diesel Fired Steam Boilers Used for Production of Cement Bricks in Saudi Arabia


A company cooperated with Sitong boiler is an enterprise mainly engaged in the development and research of new materials and technologies, as well as the manufacturing and sales of a variety of cement concrete in Saudi Arabia. In the process of manufacturing cement bricks, a large number of long material preparation processes are required. It takes at least 7 days from mixing to molding. The more high-quality cement is the more complicated and the more precise. Dry mixing, wet mixing, material forming and post curing all require a lot of steam. Some steam will be output as power source, while some steam will be directly sent to the above cement brick manufacturing process for use. It is worth noting that during the manufacturing process of cement bricks, the control of temperature and pressure is also quite strict.
Sitong boiler has cooperated with building material manufacturers in many countries and has rich experience in industrial project cooperation. According to our investigation, temperature and pressure are important factors to ensure the quality of cement bricks during the manufacturing process. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to scorch; if the temperature is too low, it will delay the manufacturing time and the construction period. In addition, the requirements for temperature and pressure vary in each manufacturing step, so the control of temperature and pressure should be accurate and adjustable, the cement brick production requires very high steam system. After the technical team of Si'tong boiler learned about the actual production situation of the user and the local environmental protection policy, they customized two sets of WNS series diesel fired steam boilers with an hourly output of 3 tons, and our company is fully responsible for the subsequent transportation, installation, commissioning and online operation guidance of the boiler. This type of boiler can produce 3 tons of high-temperature steam per hour, which can fully meet the production requirements of the company for cement bricks. The following figure shows the delivery site of the boiler:

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