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1400kw Wood Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Used for Packing Industry in Sri Lanka


A packaging company established in 2006 in Sri Lanka is mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of packaging and decoration printing materials, and packaging materials. The synthetic materials of packaging products mainly include plastic, synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, which are made from crude oil refining and petroleum gas cracking polymerization. Its main production processes include polymerization, condensation/dehydration, esterification, drying, melting, molding, etc. The thermosetting materials are cured by heating to form a chemical reaction of network structure. The main processing methods are extrusion, compression molding, injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, reaction injection molding, thermal molding, foaming, etc. Boilers generally provide heat in polymerization, dehydration, drying, thermoforming and other processes produced in the chemical synthetic material industry. This packaging product enterprise finally chose product of Sitong boiler among boiler manufacturers to meet their growing production scale.


Sitong boiler has provided services for a lot of chemical synthetic material manufacturers in many countries, and has many years of project experience in this industry. In the past, small and medium-sized chemical synthetic material manufacturers mostly chose coal fired thermal oil boiler in consideration of fuel cost and operation cost. Therefore, Sitong boiler recommends a set of 1400 kw YLW series wood fired thermal oil boiler to  our customer to meet their production needs. It's more environmentally friendly than coal fired ones. This wood fired thermal oil boiler adopts the design of multi loop square coil pipe, coupled with efficient thermal insulation materials and advanced construction technology, which can produce higher temperature under lower pressure, and the thermal efficiency can reach the ideal state. The actual thermal efficiency of this boiler can reach more than 85% after testing. At the same time, the boiler is equipped with a fully automatic intelligent control system, which can adjust and control the boiler parameters according to the user's specific operating environment, with a high degree of automation and stable safety performance.The following figure shows the delivery of this boiler:


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