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6 ton Rice Husk Fired Steam Boiler Used for the Production of a Pet Food Company in the Philippines


With the rise of the pet industry, the pet related product industry has also emerged, especially the pet food industry. Because the gastrointestinal tract of pets is relatively fragile, the requirements for food raw materials are very high, and the sterilization in the production process is also very strict. The production process of pet food directly affects its quality.  High-quality food can be produced only by strictly controlling every link in the food processing processes. Generally, the staple food of pet food is made into granules, which is conducive to improving the absorption of nutrition by animals. The granulation, conditioning, drying, disinfection and other processes of pet food can not be separated from a large amount of steam. Therefore, a steam boiler with fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency and sufficient output is essential in the production of pet food. The steam generated by the boiler can ripen the pet food in the production process and provide energy support for the sterilization of packaged food. Therefore, in the pet food production industry, the environmental requirements for industrial boilers are also very high.
A company in the Philippines that produces and sells high-quality pet food, whose products have been selling well overseas, especially in Britain and some European countries for many years. They have the A-level certification of BRC global food standard and organic certification. The company's success in this field has prompted it to expand its production scale. After comparing boiler products from many countries, a 6 ton DZL series biomass fired chain grain steam boiler with rice husk as fuel was finally provided by Sitong boiler for their the production of high-quality baked semi wet pet food and super high-quality biscuits. In addition, considering the particularity of the rice husk fuel, the technical team of Sitong boiler specially designed two routes of feeding for the boiler. At present, this boiler is running well. The customer has feedback that this 6-ton biomass fired steam boiler not only has high thermal efficiency and sufficient output, which has improved the company's production efficiency, but also uses rice husks as fuel to greatly save operating costs and achieve the goal of environmental protection. It also ensure the quality of the company's pet food. The customer was very satisfied with the DZL6-1.25-T boiler provided by Sitong boiler.The following shows some photos at the customer's boiler applying site.

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