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15 Million Kcal Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Heater for Providing Heat Energy in Chemical Industry in S


Thermal oil heater is an important equipment in the chemical industry, which plays a role in providing heat energy in distillation, hydrogenation, catalysis, gasification and other production processes. A large oil comprehensive processing and sales enterprise in Saudi Arabia, its main products include gasoline, diesel, propylene, liquefied gas, slurry, petroleum coke and petroleum machinery. With the continuous promotion of global green development, the industrial structure of the chemical industry began to adjust on a large scale. The company seized this opportunity to accelerate the transformation and upgrading and vigorously develop the circular economy. As a "member" in its production line, boiler takes the lead in realizing equipment innovation. The company plans to introduce a number of energy-saving and environmental friendly thermal oil heaters to meet the needs of the production line. Quality has always been the lifeline of Sitong boiler. In the pursuit of product quality, Sitong boiler always carries out the spirit of pursuing excellence in product quality and never compromising quality. This "craftsman spirit" has successfully won the trust of the company in Saudi Arabia.


After knowing its actual needs, our sales manager of Sitong boiler first provided it with an oil gas fired thermal oil heater of 15million kcal. This series of boiler fuel has wide adaptability, and it can adapt to natural gas, gas, biogas, diesel, clean oil and other fuels. In addition, it adopts a three return disc tube design, the heating surface is reorganized, and with advanced combustion devices, it can achieve low NOx emission and remarkable environmental protection effect. At the same time, in order to better improve the utilization rate of heat energy, our company also configures energy-saving equipment such as economizer, air preheater or waste heat boiler for the flue tail of its boiler, with a thermal efficiency of more than 95%.



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