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2 ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used for Providing Steam for Juice Production Line In Indonesia


A large local juice production supplier in Indonesia recently ordered a 2-ton coal fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler. In the food industry, the sterilization and disinfection process before juice concentration and filling cannot be separated from the high-quality steam provided by industrial boilers. Moreover, with the continuous expansion of production scale in recent years, the original coal fired steam boiler of this company can no longer meet the production needs of the enterprise, and problems frequently occur in the use process. In order to completely solve this problem, the enterprise decided to introduce a coal fired boiler with excellent quality and stable operation. After a large amount of information search in the early stage, the company finally reached a successful cooperation with Sitong boiler.
According to the actual steam demand of the company's fruit juice production line, Sitong boiler customized a set of DZL series coal fired chain grate steam boiler solution for the company, which was highly recognized by customers. The DZL series coal fired steam boiler of Sitong boiler is a horizontal three-way water fire tube chain grate boiler. It uses a blast furnace arch and a "Silicon 5" grate with high heat resistance strength, which effectively extends the service life of the boiler. In addition, the DZL series coal fired neat boilers of Sitong boiler have sufficient heating surfaces, including the convection heating surface composed of threaded pyrotechnic tubes and the furnace radiation heating surface formed by the drum and the water-cooled walls on both sides. The thermal efficiency can reach more than 82%. Finally, the DZL series fast loading coal fired steam boilers produced by Sitong boiler also have the characteristics of compact structure, which can save the enterprise a certain amount of infrastructure costs, and are favored by some customers who have requirements on the boiler floor area.


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