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3 ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler Used for Hotel Supplies Cleaning in the United Arab Emirates


A machinery equipment company in UAE is a professional washing equipment company with modern production equipment and scientific management concept. The company mainly provides professional washing services for hotel supplies like bedding and curtains of some hotels. The company ordered several WNS series 3-ton oil fired steam boilers from Sitong boiler for meeting the growing business requirements, the main fuel of which is light diesel oil. Hotel washing requires a lot of steam for disinfection, drying and other processes. At the same time, steam can also remove the wrinkles and peculiar smell of the fabric, so as to achieve the effect of fluffy and stretch of the washed fabric.


At the beginning of the project, Sitong boiler understood the needs and problems of customers in an all-round way. The designer made reasonable adjustments and improvements to this WNS series oil fired steam boiler according to these requirements of customers, so as to solve the problems and meet all the needs of our customers for this boiler. In addition, Sitong boiler also provides customers with professional boiler commissioning services before leaving the factory. Several WNS series light diesel fired steam boiler equipment ordered by the customer have been customized, which has changed the size and structure. Therefore, before leaving the factory, the technicians of Sitong boiler have debugged the boiler to ensure that the steam output meets the needs of our customer, and the boiler has good performance in all aspects.




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