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  • industrial
  • autoclave
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  • Design Pressure 1.0-3.8 Mpa
  • Design Temperature 187-225°C
  • Length According to the customers demands
  • Usage Steaming in chemical industry, medicine, rubber, wood, gypsum, glass and other areas
  • Certificate ISO, GSG, CE, BV

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Autoclave is also named as steaming kettle, which is large pressure container by steaming the aerated concrete, sand lime brick and coal-dust brick. Also are widely used in other production projects which need steaming curing. Such as super-strength gypsum, insulation materials,rubber products, high strength glass and cement tubular pile and wood, medicine, chemical industry, etc.

Performance Features:

1 ,A single piece 16MNR steel plate is pressed to form the kettle cover, kettle cover flange and kettle body flange.
2 ,Welding seam of the pressure parts all have heat treatment and strict nondestructive testing..
3 ,Kettle door has manual and automatic operation according to customers demands.
4 ,This kettle is opened very easily.
5, This kettle occupies little space.

Why Choose Sitong Autoclave?

Our company can also design and manufacture various forms of autoclave according to customers’ requirements to meet the needs of users’ multiple purposes. This kettle is with for steel horizontal cylinder device, the kettle cover suppressed by using the whole stone axe 16 MnR steel plate. Kettle cover flange, kettle body flange processed by adopting 16 MnR overall forging. Pressure welding seam parts are progressed heat treatment and strict nondestructive testing according to the related standards.


Model Internal diameter (m) Effective length(m) Max working temprerature(°C) Max working pressure(Mpa) Designed pressure(Mpa) Designed tempreature(°C) Working medium Total length(mm) Wide
Height (mm)
FGZCS1.0-1.65×21 1.65 21 184 1 1.1 187 Saturation steam 22650 2619 2695
FGZCS1.3-2×21 2 21 194 1.3 1.4 198 23300 2980 3340
FGZCS1.3-2×27 2 27 194 1.3 1.4 198 2930 2980 3340
FGZCS1.3-2×31 2 31 194 1.3 1.4 198 33300 2980 3340
FGZCS1.3-2.5×27 2.5 27 194 1.3 1.4 198 29560 3254 4117
FGZCS1.3-2×31 2.5 31 194 1.3 1.4 198 33560 3254 4117
Notes :Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow Actual drawings.
Transaction Process
Customer Inquiry -- Offer Professional Consulting Service -- Place Order -- Customize Boiler Based on Customers’ needs --Production-manufacturing -- Payment -- Impeccable After Sale Service (installation and debugging, periodic maintenance, etc.)

Offered Technical Documentations
Installment and Operation Instruction
Quality Certificate
Inspection Certificate of Boiler quality
General Drawing of Boiler
Foundation Drawing
Boiler Body Drawing
Boiler Room Design Drawing
Drawing of Valves, Instruments and Accessories

Company Strength
Sitong boiler is a national approved and designated enterprise, with design and manufacture license permits of Class A boiler and D1, D2 pressure vessel. The company has passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification, and gained the international certificates of CE, SGS, and BV, etc. The boiler products are exported to more than 60 countries. The factory covers an area of 120 thousands㎡, equipped with plenty of international advanced manufacture equipment, such as CNC cutting machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, X-ray detection machine, etc.
company strength of Sitong Boiler


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