How to Safely Operate Gas Boiler?

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Boilers are widely used in living and industry. In recent years, gas boiler replaces the old type boiler with high pollution by hotel, bathing, restaurant, food processing, institution, schools, hospitals and other enterprises to improve the air quality and the living environment.

Boiler is pressure vessel. Natural gas as fuel of boiler is combustible. So six points are required to ensure safe operation of the gas boiler.

Blast doors must be set on the boiler and flue (Sitong boiler using our own patented technology - self-sealing blast-resistant door).

Gas leak alarm device and ventilation equipment must be installed in gas boiler room.

The start and stop of gas boiler must have a strict sequential control system(SCS)

Burner must be equipped with automatic protection devices when flameout.

Regularly and rigorously investigate pipe line of gas boiler, and must have the necessary furnace interlock protection and control systems.

Most importantly, there must be a full-time person regularly inspect and check the gas boiler.

Sitong brand gas boiler has the following functions to ensure safe operation.

  1. Ignition combustion control system and protection when flame out.

  2. Automatically adjust and detect the flame.

  3. Protection function of burner pressure.

  4. self-locking protection function when burner power off.

  5. protection function in case of burner power failure.

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