How to Deal with Breakdown Problem of Coal Fired Boiler?

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During the working process of coal fired boiler, it maybe comes across a few problems, and today Sitong boiler engineer will talk about the way how to deal with the breakdown problem of coal fired boiler. The breakdown problem can be divided into three types: pressure fire breakdown, normal breakdown and emergency breakdown.
As to the pressure fire breakdown, we can appropriately thicken the coal seam, stop the rotation of the coal fired boiler grate, stop the running of drum induced draft fan, turn down the damper of ventilation door and gas pass under the grate moderately and maintain the combustion through natural ventilation.

coal fired boiler

If the combustion chamber is no longer burning, we can add water into the inside of coal fired boiler for blow-down, after the blow-down, the water level can reach the highest level allowed, and wash the water level gauge.
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