Environmental Boiler

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In recent years, the world pay more attention to protect environment and have more strict requirements for exhaust.Sitong Boiler has the skills to implement low NOx and ultra low NOx solutions to meet these regulations.

If your current system is challenged with meeting current or future standards, Sitong Boiler Works can help you make the necessary adjustments to make sure you remain in compliance. Depending on your situation, we can accomplish this in one of two ways: retrofit or replacement.

Retrofit Existing Boilers

With a retrofit, low NOx burners and other fuel efficiency equipment is installed to optimize existing boilers and reduce emissions while boosting efficiency. This is a very cost-effective and expedient solution for many customers, as it doesn’t require the purchase and installation of new boilers.

Full Boiler System Replacement

When dealing with old boiler equipment, it often becomes more cost-effective to consider a full boiler system replacement. Sitong Boiler Works has experience with a vast array of new products that have been designed to reduce nitrogen oxygen emission and help you achieve greater efficiency. We have the skills to help design and install a new boiler system that uses cutting edge technology to meet and exceed emission regulation all while providing superior boiler performance.

After the retrofit or new system is in place, Sitong Boiler Works assists with source testing to ensure that everything is operating within regulation guidelines, ensuring full compliance with your regional air quality agency.


Larger pieces of equipment often require permits from the various air quality agencies. We can provide assistance with attaining and keeping the permits you will need to comply with specific rules for your regional air quality agency.

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