Water hammer phenomenon and treatment of condensing gas boiler

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         1. Water hammer phenomenon of condensing gas boiler:
        (1) There is a rhythmic impact sound at the condensing gas boiler and pipeline. Sometimes the sound is loud and accompanied by strong vibration of the water supply pipeline or steam pipeline.
        (2) The pointer of the pressure gauge swings back and forth, consistent with the frequency of the vibration.
        (3) When the water hammer is severe, it may cause various connecting parts, such as cracks in the welded joints, and damage to the valves.
Condensing boiler
        2. Treatment of water hammer in the drum:
        (1) If the check valve fails, the combustion should be reduced, the load and pressure should be reduced, the water supply shut-off valve of the condensing gas boiler should be closed, the water supply should be stopped, and the water supply check valve should be repaired quickly. At the same time, the water level should be observed to prevent water shortage accidents.
        (2) If there is a steam heating device when the lower drum raises the fire, the steam valve should be closed quickly.
        (3) Keep the water level in the condensing gas boiler running, and evenly and evenly feed water into the drum. If the water hammer continues, the furnace should be shut down for maintenance.
        (4) During boiler maintenance, the repair of water supply pipes, water distribution pipes and water tanks should be strengthened.
        3. Treatment of steam pipe water hammer:
        (1) Reduce steam supply and close the main steam valve if necessary.
        (2) Open the traps on the superheater header and steam pipes for drainage.
        (3) If the water level of the condensing gas boiler drum is too high, the sewage should be properly discharged to maintain the normal water level.
        (4) Strengthen water treatment work, ensure the quality of feed water and boiler water, and avoid co-leakage of soda and water.
        (5) After the water hammer is eliminated, check the conditions of the pipes, pipe racks, flanges, etc., and if there is no condition, reheat the pipes to supply steam.

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