Boiler ignition steps recommanded by Sitong's engineer

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1. Put Great interlock into the boiler;

2. Put the probe into the boiler furnace;

3. Callout induced draft fan screen, start it;

4. Close the induced draft fan inlet baffle;

5. Close the induced draft fan outlet baffle;

6. Start the induced draft fan motor (motor turns to green from red on the screen);

7. After25 seconds, open induced draft fan outlet baffle;

8. callout the blower screen, start operation;

9. Close the blower inlet baffle;

10. Close the blower outlet baffle;

11. Start the blower motor (motor turns to green from red on the screen);

12. After15 seconds, open the blower outlet baffle;

13. Start the inlet damper of the induced draft fan and the blower, keep the pressure in the chamber about 50-100Pa;

14. Put small interlocking, callout the secondary air system screen, adjust secondary air damper in the purge position (30% to 40%);

15. The "oil leak test" screen, pass leak test;

16. Callout "furnace purge" screen, press the Purge button;

17. Callout the fuel screen, adjust the oil pressure to 2.4Mpa;

18. Contact other staff, ready to fire the boiler;

19. Callout oil system screen, press "start" button of oil gun, oil gun automatically purge, ignite. The oil gun torch is red. There is chart display fire detection;

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