9 Once Trough Steam Boilers for Malta

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Model: LSS 1-1.25-Y.Q., LSS2-1.25-Y.Q.
Quantity: 9
Fuel: Oil & Gas Duel
Fuel Pressure: 1.25Mpa
Characteristics: Vertical type, once through structure, water tube boiler, produce steam within 3 minutes.

9 once through steam boilers were shipped to Malta, the boiler is LSS series vertical type water tube boiler, the fuel is oil and gas duel fuel boiler. The customer is boiler trading company, 2 months ago, he came China to visit Sitong Boiler for checking the factory strength, he was very amazed at the once through steam boiler, the boiler could offer steam with sufficient pressure so fast (within 3 minutes).

Compare with the ordinal oil gas boiler, the once through steam boiler has simple structure, occupy little space, the water capacity within boiler is small, so the steam could be produced faster. The operation life of once through steam boiler is about 10 years. The packaged steam boiler has complex structure, the water capacity within boiler is large, suitable for industries that has a large steam requirement.

Once through steam capacity rangers from 0.1 to 2t/h (100~2000kg/h), it uses the advanced technology on one through structure and vertical type, makes the boiler beautiful appearance and high efficiency. It is very quiet when running, and can get sufficient steam within only 3 minutes, the combustion efficiency can reach 96%, it equipped with full auto-controller and safety device, to ensure stable and safe operation. The boiler is equipped with high efficiency oil gas burner, low NOx emission, environmental friendly. Moreover, the boiler is equipped with condenser, which increase the thermal efficiency higher than 98%.

Once through boiler is very popular in different type of industries, the boilers be used in parallel to meet the large steam requirement, and the boilers could be controlled centrally. Moreover, the centralized controller could record the downtime, location, evaporation capacity, fuel consumption, water volume, steam pressure, water tube temperature, exhaust smoke temperature, etc.

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