25t SZL Series Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Pakistan"

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Boiler: 25t SZL series coal fired steam boiler

Country: Pakistan
Application:textile mills
Date: 2016
Details of SZL series coal fired steam boiler:
Model: SZL25-1.25-AII 
Steam capacity: 25t
Working pressure: 1.25 MPa
Feed water temperature: 105℃
Efficiency: 80 + 2%

In 2016, customer from a textile mills came to visit Sitong Boiler factory for the second time, the company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of textile products in Pakistan. 
Based on customer’s needs, we designed a boiler to satisfy him perfectly, which equipped with German Simens motor, Schneider electrical elements of electric control cabinet, stainless steel impeller, and ID fan and impeller with mute shock device, ABB variable frequency control, Ethernet switch, and Ethernet cable. 

Advantages of SZL series coal fired steam boiler:
1.Furnace arch adopts obvious inverse “α” flue gas flow, which makes the boiler have strong adaptability.
2.The back and forth arches are water-cooling “wet arch” structure, which can protect furnace arch.
3.Boiler adopts bilateral inlet air and independent plenum structure, can adjust blast capacity and wind pressure of each plenum, to ensure the burning efficiency.
4.Grate back-shaft adopts roller bearing structure, to avoid sliding bearing over-burning.
5.The bottom road rail of grate adopts light rail, which improve the operation’s reliability.
6.The length of grate is longer 500-1000mm than domestic, which enhance the thermal efficiency.
7.Boiler design adopts light furnace wall structure, which makes the absorbed heating capacity reduce and the boiler starts and stops quickly. 

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